About Trinity Hill Family Services

Our Philosophy

The program of Trinity Hill Family Services early childhood center has been developed to meet the physical, mental, emotional, social, and creative needs of the young child. The classroom environment encourages trust and independence. Emphasis is on helping the child gain a positive self-concept, self discipline, and help in developing warm relationships with others.

Early childhood research shows that young children learn primarily through play. Play is an essential part of childhood. It offers the freedom for children the need to try out new idea, practice developing skills, and imitate adult roles. It allows children to learn social skills and develop friendships.

Children are knowledge builders. They apply what they have already learned to different situations. Exploring, discovering, questioning, and guessing are important activities. "readiness" skills are developed through play, and concepts are formed. Children gain a sense of mastery through their activities. They become the active decision-makers in their own scenarios. Our center promotes the development of the whole child through play.

Activities in the classroom reflect our commitment to provide developmentally appropriate experience for all children. The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, our Step Up to Quality accrediting association, is a strong advocate for developmentally appropriate practices and activities for young children.

We believe that children learn through active hands on involvement with materials, equipment and activities. During active play, a child's mind, body, and emotions develop, and true learning takes place. We encourage children to be independent in basic care routines because these routines can provide as much opportunity for meaningful learning to occur as experiences planned in the interest areas of the classroom. Our goal is to provide a stimulating, sensitive, environment that supports the child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.

Children learn how to form positive, caring, cooperative relationships by interacting with children and adults. Through these interactions, children learn to get along with others. When a child experiences success in play and is encouraged to make choices, communicated thoughts and feelings in a positive way, and accept responsibility for actions, the child learns social skills that will last a lifetime. Early childhood play experiences effect learning and personal growth throughout life. Our objective is to assist families in the task of providing a strong foundation for their child's future development.

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